How to Shop

Online shopping with us is easy; just select the delivery/collection service you want, fill your shopping basket with the items you want, and then checkout. Here's how to do it:

1. Reserve your delivery – You can reserve your delivery/collection at anytime during your shopping trip but we suggest that you do this first to avoid disappointment. Click the “Delivery” tab in the toolbar, or alternatively click the “No slot booked” link in the shopping basket summary displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. On the delivery screen chose from the following delivery and collection options.

a) Standard Home Delivery - Click this if you want us to deliver to your home, or another address, within an agreed timeslot. A table of dates and available delivery slots with the associated delivery charge will be displayed; you simply click on the price in the slot you want in order to reserve it. We will confirm that you have done this successfully and the time when your reservation will expire if you haven’t submitted your order; we allow you two hours to do this. 

b) Collection Point Delivery - Click this if you want us to pick your order and take it to one of our collection points for you to collect. This screen lists our Collection Points and the available collection times along with the delivery charge. Simply click on a slot to reserve it. We will confirm that you have done this successfully and the time when your reservation will expire if you haven’t submitted your order; we allow you two hours to do this.

c) Priority-Express Delivery - Click this if you want us to pick your order and delivery it to your home, or another address, as soon as possible; often the same day. As soon as we receive your order we will begin preparing it and when we have finished we will telephone you to go over the contents, any substitutions we have had to make, and to agree the delivery arrangements.

d) Courier delivery - Intended for those who live outside our delivery area and cannot get to any of our collection points. We will prepare and dispatch your order the day following its placement on the website. If there are any variations we will contact you before dispatch to get your agreement.

Whichever delivery method you choose, when you now look at your basket summary you will see the delivery you have just booked. A delivery slot can be booked up to twenty-one days in advance.

2. Shopping – just as with conventional shopping you buy from our online store by browsing the products on offer and when you see something you want to buy you put it in your basket; when you are finished you go to the checkout.
You can find the products you want by:

a) Browsing the store by using the left-hand menus to navigate through the various product categories. Clicking on a category will cause the sub-categories to be displayed both in the left-hand menu and in the centre of the screen; any products in this category will also be displayed in the centre of the screen.  To get more information about a product and to reveal the "add to basket" button click on the product icon. If the product is sold by weight and a variety of sizes are offered then these will be shown in a drop-down box.

b) Use the search facility to quickly find the products you are looking for. Enter your search words in the search box and then click the “Go” button next to it to perform the search. The search will look for products containing any of the words or partial words that you entered.

c) Select from a list of the products that you have bought previously. Click on “Your Favourites” in the toolbar to display all the products you have previously bought from us in the centre of the screen.

3. Put an item in your basket – you put an item in your shopping basket from the product detail screen by clicking the “Add to basket” button. Before you do this though you should first review the quantity and if necessary change it by clicking on the “+” or “-” buttons, or you can simply just type the value straight in the quantity box. Some products sold by weight may be offered in different sizes and in these cases you will also need to select the size you want from the drop-down box. Each time you click "Add to basket" we will confirm that this was done successfully. The newly added item will now appear in your basket summary on the right side of the screen. To browse further items click on “Please continue shopping”, select a category from the left-hand menu, search for products using the search facility, or go to “your favourites”.

4. Changing Items in your basket - you can click on “View Basket” in the toolbar at anytime if you want to delete an item or change a quantity. To delete an item click on the dustbin next to it; clicking on “Empty basket” will delete all the items from your basket. To change the quantity of an item simply type in the new quantity and press the enter key.

5. Checking out – when you are ready to place your order click on “Checkout” in the toolbar; if you haven't chosen a delivery service you will be re-directed to the delivery screen. If you are a new customer you will be asked to register, if you are an existing customer you simply sign-in. Once you have registered/signed-in the checkout screen will display your order including the delivery address, the delivery option, delivery/collection date and time, the items in your have in your basket, the delivery charge and the total price of your order. You have the option to make changes if you want to. The “Allow substitutions” box will be automatically checked so if you don’t want us to do this then you should un-check this box. If you have any promotional vouchers then enter the claim code in the box and click "Add code". When you are happy with all of these then click the "continue" button.
Now enter your debit/credit card details and click the “continue” button.
Finally confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions by checking the box and then click the "Submit order" button.
We will confirm your order has been accepted and also send an email to the email address you have given us.

6. What happens next? – When we need to start processing your order we will lock it. The exact time we do this is dependent on the individual items in your order and how long it takes us to prepare them, so this can vary from order to order. Once your order has been prepared we either deliver it to you as requested or make it available for you to collect at the agreed time and place. 

7. Editing an order - Before your order is locked you are free to add, change or delete items, or even cancel it; to do this click on "Your Account" in the toolbar and then "Current orders" in the left-side menu. If the status of an order is "open" then it can be changed. First click on the order to view it. if you want to make changes to it click on the "edit the contents of this order" link towards the bottom of the page. When you do this we put the order back into your basket and then you simply shop as normal. When you are finished you must checkout again to save your changes. We will send you an email confirming that you made changes and listing the new contents of your order.
If you wish you can cancel the entire order by clicking the "Cancel this order" link.
You can also toggle "Substitutions permitted" on and off if you want to change your decision.

8. Delivery/collection – when the delivery/collection is made the delivery person will go through any substitutions with you, which you can accept or reject as you wish. They will also ask you to sign for the delivery and the amount to charge. Please note that it is important that a suitable person is available to accept delivery of your order.
Following delivery we will amend your order with any agreed changes and take the payment from your debit/credit card.

If you need further assistance please contact us.

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